Hidden Mountains in Antarctica Smoked Out Surprising All

Scientists have peppered another surprising discovery, uncovering from the land of absolute white. A vast series of hidden mountains in Antarctica of few hundred miles long, beneath the western gigantic ice zone came into the picture recently.

According to the Geophysical Research Letters’ journal published on May 4, researchers used ice-penetrating radar called PolarGAP to map the submerged glacial canyons. They have discovered 3 major monstrous valleys which are linking 2 parts of Antarctica: Western Antarctic Ice Sheet with Eastern Antarctic Sheet which is far bigger.

The 3 canyons, Offset Rift Basin, Patuxent Trough and Foundation Trough divide significant regions of this frozen continent. Researchers are expecting that these valleys can play significant role in coming days by channelizing the ice flow from the continent’s centre towards its coast.

On the contrary, this discovery can be a death knell for Mother Earth’s environment too. Many scientists feel that, due to these hidden mountains in Antarctica, western part of the continent might collapse into the ocean, owing to alternation in global climate.

“If the ice sheet thins or retreats, these topographically controlled corridors could facilitate enhanced flow of ice farther inland, and could lead to the west Antarctic ice divide moving,” Kate Winter, a lead researcher at Northumbria University in England, said in a statement.

“This would, in turn, increase the speed and rate at which ice flows out from the centre of Antarctica to its edges, leading to an increase in global sea levels,” Winter concluded.

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